In the most general terms, ADR transport deals with the carriage of dangerous goods.

It is road transport on the international market defined under the principles of a 1957 act. This act was drawn up in Geneva and was ratified by Poland in 1975. Updating of the ADR Convention takes place every odd-numbered year, and the new provisions enter into force mandatorily from July. This agreement imposes obligations on both the shipper and the carrier, and violation of its rules brings the possibility of penalties by state authorities.
The most important element included in this piece of legislation is the proper way of securing goods so that their carriage does not endanger the driver or other road users. In the ADR agreement, dangerous goods are specified and described in detail. It is worth noting that such goods include, in particular, explosives, flammable agents, gases or poisonous, corrosive and radioactive substances. Materials prohibited in international road transport are also precisely defined. It is also extremely important to limit the possible negative impact of these substances on the environment as much as possible.
It is compulsory for vehicles carrying hazardous substances to be visibly marked. Also, all substances and goods inside must be specially labelled and secured in such a way that they cannot be displaced during the journey. This usually requires specially dedicated and certified containers or receptacles, which must also be specially labelled and sealed inside. All goods must be accurately described in the documents provided to the driver. Also, the vehicle itself should meet the relevant criteria in the ADR document and the drivers or the entire transport team should have received special training confirmed by documents. In the ADR agreement we can find all the necessary information concerning the formalities for the transport of dangerous goods, the documents required and the possible risks involved in the transport of dangerous goods.
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Road freight forwarding

Usługa w zakresie transportu drogowego, polegająca na organizacji przewozu z określonego  punktu A do punktu B.

Road transport

Transportation of goods by road using various types of vehicles adapted to the type of cargo being transported.

ADR Transport

The field of transportation dealing with the carriage of flammable, radioactive and specialized agents.

Road freight forwarding

A road transport service that involves arranging transportation from a specified point A to point B.

Tank transport

Shipping and transportation of liquid and semi-liquid materials.

Oversize transport

Transportation of cargo exceeding permissible standards.