Types of road transport

The division of road transport must begin with the broadest division, according to the destination to which the transported object is going. If transport takes place between towns within a country, we are dealing with national transport. The same applies to intra-Community and international transport. Each category is, of course, governed by different legislation.

Another division is related to the subject of transport. If people are being transported, we are dealing with passenger transport. On the opposite side is the transport of goods. It is also worth mentioning multimodal and intermodal transport. Although, in the case of the former, road transport is part of the overall transport chain.

LTL Transport

LTL transport is what is known as partial load transport in a truck. It is often used when a vehicle is not fully loaded and the vehicle is being loaded in order to make the transport profitable.

FTL Transport

FTL transport is used when a vehicle transports one load and is fully loaded - which does not mean that it has to be fully loaded.

Groupage transport

This is where the haulier transports a part load (LTL). Such a load can consist of products that have their own or bulk packaging. Often these are small products, processed goods and finished goods. Careful loading of these loads is very important, as they are often fragile and inappropriate loading can damage the goods being transported. Such loads are also characterised by low weight and varying shapes. In the case of groupage transport, there is also a large dispersion of principals and consignees. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to optimise transports in such a way that their profitability is maximised and transport is safe at the same time. We have third-party liability insurance and additional CARGO insurance.

Express shipment

Transport carried out by minibuses up to 3.5T GVW - although not exclusively. Larger units may be used for this type of transport, and the larger the unit, the longer the transport. The big advantage of this form of transport is the time in which the shipment is carried out. Within 24 hours, we are able to transport much more than a truck tractor. Transport vehicles can be equipped with a lift or refrigeration unit - in this case we are dealing with a refrigerated vehicle. Express shuttle buses up to 3.5T DMC are used by highly specialised manufacturers in the metal and textile industries. This form of transport is also often used by the clothing industry.

ADR Transport

LTL transport is the so-called partial load in a lorry. It is often used when the vehicle is not fully loaded and the vehicle is in the process of being topped up so that the transport is cost-effective.LTL transport involves transporting hazardous materials under the ADR hazardous materials transport agreement. These are any materials that may be hazardous to the environment, human health and life or to property. These include, for example, flammable gases, toxic gases, fuels, oxidising materials, etc.

Transport ponadgabarytowy

Oversize transport is transport where the goods transported exceed by weight or dimension the standards set for road transport. It is therefore also referred to as oversize or abnormal transport. Such transport requires appropriate documentation and is carried out by specialised drivers using trailers adapted to the needs. Such transport is carried out under pilot escort along a route strictly prepared for such transport. It may require the removal of road markings, various types of expert opinions as to the strength of the surface on which the abnormal goods are to be transported.
We have many years of experience in oversize transport. We provide reliable and dependable transport and forwarding services. During transport, we are in constant contact with the drivers as well as with the escort service, so that we have constant control over the situation, which translates into effective transport. We carry out oversize transport both nationally and internationally. We ensure that the vehicles carrying out the transport are in the required technical condition and have the appropriate tools to secure the goods, which are always insured.

For oversize transport, we use vehicles such as trailer and low-level platforms.

With attention to every detail and the experience we have gained in oversize transports, we know exactly how to secure the goods and what is required to carry out safe freight. We have our own cargo insurance and have the option of taking out additional insurance if required.
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Road freight forwarding

Usługa w zakresie transportu drogowego, polegająca na organizacji przewozu z określonego  punktu A do punktu B.

Road transport

Transportation of goods by road using various types of vehicles adapted to the type of cargo being transported.

ADR Transport

The field of transportation dealing with the carriage of flammable, radioactive and specialized agents.

Road freight forwarding

A road transport service that involves arranging transportation from a specified point A to point B.

Tank transport

Shipping and transportation of liquid and semi-liquid materials.

Oversize transport

Transportation of cargo exceeding permissible standards.