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What is international transport?

International transport is the service of transporting goods by land, sea or air between the borders of different countries. This term is not used to describe the transport of goods between countries belonging to the European Union (this is intra-Community transport). It is a broad term covering the carriage of various types of freight by suitably adapted vehicles.

Types of transport

There are three main types of transport: sea, land and air.

Land transport is the carriage of goods from the place of loading to the place of destination by road. This can be by road or rail. 

We can also define the types of transport based on what type of cargo is involved. A distinction is made here between general cargo, bulky cargo, bulk cargo and special cargo (e.g. sensitive to external factors, fragile cargo).

Our company's offer

Our company specialises mainly in the transport of commercial goods. We attach particular importance to meeting all standards for intra-Community transport (between European Union member states). We provide a guarantee within the framework of all legal regulations defining guidelines for international transport. 

Our range of services has also recently been extended to include the transport of displaced property. As part of this transport, we offer services for the transportation of personal belongings such as :

  • personal belongings of household members
  • everyday items
  • professional tools
  • furniture

As part of our services, we offer the transportation of goods in terms of:

  •  FTL (Full Truck Load) - when the vehicle is fully occupied (loaded, laden)
  • LTL (Less Than Truck Load) - so-called partial load

In order to provide the highest quality of service, at the request of our customers we take care of the formalities related to customs clearance of goods both within the European Union and in countries outside of it (Ukraine, Serbia, Norway or Russia). We also provide additional insurance for the goods, depending on the needs and expectations of our customers.

Lobi Transport

Our Services

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Road freight forwarding

Usługa w zakresie transportu drogowego, polegająca na organizacji przewozu z określonego  punktu A do punktu B.

Road transport

Transportation of goods by road using various types of vehicles adapted to the type of cargo being transported.

ADR Transport

The field of transportation dealing with the carriage of flammable, radioactive and specialized agents.

Road freight forwarding

A road transport service that involves arranging transportation from a specified point A to point B.

Tank transport

Shipping and transportation of liquid and semi-liquid materials.

Oversize transport

Transportation of cargo exceeding permissible standards.

Our fleet

Our company provides transportation services based on our own fleet including heavy transport (vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons GVW) and light transport (vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons GVW) . We also cooperate with contract carriers. 

We make it possible to transport goods sensitive to external factors. We have sets with semi-trailers with ambient temperature and semi-trailers with the possibility of temperature control ( Multi Temperature and Doppel Stock technology).

The equipment of our trailers includes anti-slip mats, stop bars (beams to secure the goods). In order to secure the cargo in the best possible way, we also have straps to secure the goods. 

The ambient-temperature trailers offer both top and side loading, and are equipped with XL code and Coilmulde technology.

An example of the cargo space we can offer for a bus is 4.20 x 2.2 x 2.4 meters.


" Sample dimensions for trucks are subject to national regulations.In the case of a TIR, the total length of the vehicle combination is 22 m (above this length a special permit is required). The maximum width should not be more than 3 m. The maximum drive axle load depends on the type of roads the vehicle travels on. "


We realize how important it is for all of us to take care of the environment. For this reason, we go to great lengths to optimize CO2 emissions, reduce empty mileage, use new technologies and take care of equipment quality through regular vehicle inspections. Our fleet is additionally equipped with an intelligent hill climbing system and an independent parking heating system. In addition, we mainly rely on vehicles with Euro VI emission standards and equipped with telematics.


The basic document on the basis of which we provide our services is the CMR Convention . This is a convention signed in 1956 in Geneva defining regulations for the carriage of goods for profit in international traffic. If the country of shipment and the country of destination is not a party to the CMR Convention we rely on the internal regulations of the country. Examples of documents to be referred to in each country are :

  • France  - Decree No. 99-269 of April 6, 1999. - concerning contracts of carriage

  • Germany - Güterkraftverkehrsgesetz (GüKG) - the law on road freight transport.
  • Spain  - Law 15/2009 of November 11, 2009 on the contract of carriage (BOE 11.12.09 - LCTT)

Our goals

The primary objective of our company is to provide transportation services between different countries from the European Community or beyond. We are committed to the safe and efficient (both in terms of time and environmental footprint) delivery of goods from the place of loading to the final destination. We take care of the individual approach to our customers by offering an extensive fleet that meets the requirements in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, in terms of the type of cargo we carry, its appropriate protection, as well as in terms of the state-of-the-art technology used in our vehicles. We are committed to ensuring that the team of drivers we employ are highly qualified and trained in terms of driving efficiency. We provide conditions suitable for temperature-sensitive goods, and give the opportunity to transport bulky goods as well as general cargo. We are aware of the regulations of the countries to which we deliver goods. We offer customers additional services in the form of arranging some customs formalities or the possibility of additional insurance of goods. We encourage you to read our offer in detail or contact us directly.

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