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Oversize transport offer:

Our company offers a specialised fleet and a full team of authorised drivers to ensure the transportation of oversized goods is safe and professional. Thanks to our extensive experience, we assure you of the high quality of our services. For the transport of goods of non-standard dimensions, we encourage you to contact our specialists, who will make an individual quote based on a detailed analysis.

Oversize transport - definition:

The transport of non-standard goods that exceed their dimensions as defined by the regulations is most often referred to as oversize, bulky or oversize transport. Due to the high weight or enormous dimensions, the most cost-effective forms of transporting this type of cargo are by road or sea. According to the regulations, oversize transport can be referred to if:

  • its dimensions are greater than 2,5 m wide 4 m high and 16,5 m ( this size applies to semi-trailers) or 18,5 m (this size applies to trailers) in length
  • its weight exceeds 42 tonnes

Oversize transport may apply within a single country or concern international or intra-Community transport. 

Most often, the transport of oversize loads is associated with the construction, agricultural or industrial sectors. Examples of bulky goods are tanks, transformers, agricultural machinery, heavy construction equipment, windmills or yachts. 

Conditions of carriage

In order to be authorised to transport oversized goods, the conditions set out in the 1997 Road Traffic Act must be fulfilled. The strict guidelines include, among other things, precise piloting of the route, special marking of the vehicle carrying the oversized goods, and special care by the driver of the vehicle. In addition, the driver is obliged to show a special authorisation for transporting goods of non-standard dimensions in the event of a roadside check. 

When transporting oversize goods, it is also important that the route is set appropriately, excluding certain viaducts, bridges or natural terrain inconveniences.

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