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We invite you to get acquainted with and take advantage of the offer of the shipping and transport company. We specialize in the organization of road transport.

We have extensive experience in both the international and domestic markets.

Our staff is trained to provide the highest quality services. Our goal is to deliver your goods to their destination. We focus on getting your shipment to its destination :
Maximally fast (we are able to operate under time pressure, understand the dynamics of orders and are able to meet the challenges transporting highly sensitive and perishable goods)
As safely as possible (we use the appropriate type of packaging, always securing the transported goods according to the applicable standards and with the utmost care)
In compliance with all procedures imposed by national and international laws and agreements.
We strive to make our offer as adapted as possible to the needs of our clients, so the range of services is extensive. We provide forwarding services consisting in handling transportation from the moment of loading to delivery to the destination.We provide handling of all formalities related to the required documentation : for international road transport, handling of undersized or bulky goods, as well as transport of goods defined as dangerous.
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Road freight forwarding

Usługa w zakresie transportu drogowego, polegająca na organizacji przewozu z określonego  punktu A do punktu B.

Road transport

Transportation of goods by road using various types of vehicles adapted to the type of cargo being transported.

ADR Transport

The field of transportation dealing with the carriage of flammable, radioactive and specialized agents.

Road freight forwarding

A road transport service that involves arranging transportation from a specified point A to point B.

Tank transport

Shipping and transportation of liquid and semi-liquid materials.

Oversize transport

Transportation of cargo exceeding permissible standards.
The path of each shipment is properly monitored. We are committed to ensuring that each section is supervised, which is supervised by a specially dedicated freight forwarder if necessary. We take care of the logistics side of the business at the company's headquarters down to the smallest detail. Just as important to us is the proper loading and securing of goods. Above all, we care about the satisfaction of our customers.
LOBI Transport is a modern company, which is why our offer is strongly individual, in order to adapt to your needs as much as possible. Our drivers have the required certifications and training for special shipments. We have the relevant experience and knowledge of the legislation as well as currently emerging requirements for marking equipment, securing goods, how to pack, transport and load. We perform forwarding services with accuracy and reliability in every respect. We take good care of our equipment. We guarantee all required inspections. We care about faultlessness and we strive for it.
We invite you to read the details of our offer on the LOBI Transport website. For a detailed offer and quotation, we encourage you to contact us directly. We are at your disposal.
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