Tank transport

One branch of road transport is tanker transport. Very often this type of transport is associated with ADR transport - that is, the Convention on the Transport of Dangerous Substances.

The regulations resulting from this act also apply to fuel transport - mainly due to its flammability.

Tanks authorized for the transport of hazardous materials must comply with exacting standards, undergo regular technical inspections and their crew must undergo detailed training confirmed by appropriate documentation. Such tankers must also be specially marked in a visible way. The loading itself must be carried out precisely. In such cases, it is often necessary to leave empty spaces that serve as a safety buffer for materials that may expand.

Tankers are often best suited to transporting gases, flammable or corrosive materials, but the enormous capacity of these vehicles allows them to do much more.

With their large capacity of up to tens of thousands of litres, good technical specifications and thermal insulation, tankers can also be used to transport liquid foodstuffs (alcohol, milk, honey), solids and non-hazardous chemicals. If you want to ensure sterile conditions and limit the impact of external factors on the products, it is worth choosing tank vehicles specially adapted for this purpose. This guarantees that the goods will reach the recipient in a short time and be intact.
Depending on our needs, we use single-chamber tankers for the transport of a single product and multi-chamber tankers for the transport of various products. There are also multi-chamber tankers with a manifold, which allow the transportation of more than one type of goods but with a uniform consistency.
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Road freight forwarding

Usługa w zakresie transportu drogowego, polegająca na organizacji przewozu z określonego  punktu A do punktu B.

Road transport

Transportation of goods by road using various types of vehicles adapted to the type of cargo being transported.

ADR Transport

The field of transportation dealing with the carriage of flammable, radioactive and specialized agents.

Road freight forwarding

A road transport service that involves arranging transportation from a specified point A to point B.

Tank transport

Shipping and transportation of liquid and semi-liquid materials.

Oversize transport

Transportation of cargo exceeding permissible standards.